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Steel Rule




The producer of our steel rule products is regarded as a leading company in our industry worldwide for two decades. This applies to both the sales volume as well as the highest level of quality control. Our cutting, creasing, and perforation rules are already being utilized by leading manufacturers of cutting dies, folding cartons, and displays in Europe, Asia, and the U.S.A.

Carton Craft is in tune with the market as it works with its partners to meet and protect your quality standards to ensure customer retention. Our philosophy of providing the highest quality with exceptionally competitive pricing will allow for an excellent result and added profit on every job. Only the highest quality steel from Japan and Europe are used as the base material while utilizing the most modern European production lines available. As our markets are constantly bombarded with inconsistent products from Asia, our partner consistently competes with the well-known European manufacturers. Quality and delivery are assured by our extensive inventory with over 5000 coils/boxes in stock in Atlanta, Chicago, Dallas, and Los Angeles.

These steel rule products have consistently provided long-term success in the American and European markets. All steel rule products undergo continuous development within the strategic partnership between Hung-Shuh and Carton Craft Supply. Our partnership puts globalization in practice for the benefit of the end user as Carton Craft Supply is the direct importer and delivers without utilizing other distributors or U.S.A. based subsidiaries. The result is a very competitive price for our customers.

For more than 20 years, over one thousand loyal customers throughout the U.S.A. place their trust in Carton Craft Supply for creasing systems, die cutting supplies, and steel rule bending/processing equipment. You can also place your trust in this experience when it comes to our steel rule products.