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PrintLine RSP Base Plates


Lower costs, higher profit, satisfied customers.

  1. Mounting of the RSP impression cylinder jacket on the impression cylinder.
  2. Clamping of the RSP base plate on to the blanket cylinder.
  3. Adjustment of the RSP base plate to printstart.
  4. Preparation of the RSP mylar grid outside the press.
  5. Register true clamping of the RSP mylar grid on the pin bar and fixing it with the Hinge Clamp.
  6. Mounting the RSP mylar grid on the RSP base plate.
  7. Re-adjustment in horizontal, vertical and diagonal direction inside the press.
  8. Application of the RSP offset creasing strips.


Diecutting, perforating, and scoring in-line on your sheet fed offset printing press.  No press modification is necessary and our experienced technicians familiarize your staff with the 30-45 minute set-up process.  The RSP system is perfect for pocket folders, L-perforations, door hangers, and slitting at full press running speeds.  Eliminate a manufacturing step and increase profits on every printing job.  Repeat jobs can be saved with the printing plates for reruns.

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