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RSP Mylar Grids

Adjusted to the individual cylinder diameter for pre-make ready of the RSP form outside the press.


SKU: Press Manufacturer Press Model
MGCD102 Heidelberg CD102
MGCD74 Heidelberg CD74
MGCD74L Heidelberg CD74 L
MGGTO46 Heidelberg GTO 46
MGGTO52 Heidelberg GTO 52
MGMO Heidelberg MO/SORK
MGSM/SO102 Heidelberg SM 102/SORS 102
MGSM52 Heidelberg SM 52
MGSM52L Heidelberg SM 52 L
MGSM74 Heidelberg SM 74
MGSM74COATER Heidelberg SM 74 L
MGSO74 Heidelberg SO 74
MGSORD Heidelberg SORD
MGXL105L Heidelberg XL 105 L
MGXL105U Heidelberg XL 105 U
MGKL40 Komori Lithrone 40
MGKL40L Komori Lithrone 40 L
MGKL40U Komori Lithrone 40 U
MGKL40-2 Komori Lithrone 40 with SM102 Grid
MGR700 MAN Roland 700