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  • NEW! Fully automatic setting of pins & claws in one pass
  • NEW! 8 magazines for pins and 3 magazines for claws
  • NEW! free assignment of magazines for pins & claws to suit the customer´s specific requirements
  • NEW! setting unit for pins and claws inside of the cross bar
  • Digital stripping system
  • prepared for bee‘strip technology
  • 3D-height
  • Stripping without lower pins
  • Reduces costly manual labor
  • Suitable for all kind of material
  • Shorter set-up times in die cutter
  • More sheet output in die cutters
  • Faster return on investment

For pricing, please contact Mark Doxtader at 800.480.2486 or Rick Ruckh at 815.383.1191.

  • SKU: HYBRIDsetter