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blank'fix plus

Universal upper blanking tool with pressers.

With Boxplan’s newly designed blank'fix plus, it is now possible to flexibly manufacture upper blanking tools with reusable parts. Special telescopic Multi Pressers are designed to grip the sheet using spring force while foam separating blocks push the blank out ofthe sheet.

The most ingenious feature of this product is the fastening component which consists of extremely strong magnets secures to a perforated steel plate. This allows the Multi Pressers and the foam separating blocks to be fastened quickly and securely to the board. Due to the reusability of the parts, the multi’blanker is ideal for smaller runs where an orderspecific blanking tool is not cost effective. The new multi’blanker can be used in all diecutters with quicklocking systems in the blanking station which helps to standardize the production process.

For pricing, please contact Mark Doxtader at 800.480.2486 or Rick Ruckh at 815.383.1191.


SKU: Machine Size 143 x 44 mm blocks 200 x 44 mm blocks Pressers
BPBF106150 102/104/106 10 4 6
BPBF145150 130/142/145 14 8 10
BPBF162150 162 12 16 12