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RSP Processing Rule

RSP Processing Rule

For scoring, cutting and perforating; height-adjusted and designed for the RSP In-line Finishing System.


SKU: Description Footage
PRCREASER1 Creasing Rule R1 20 feet
PRCREASER2 Creasing Rule R2 20 feet
PRCUT Cutting Rule 20 feet
PRPERF08 Perforating Rule - 8 tpi 20 feet
PRPERF12 Perforating Rule - 12 tpi 20 feet
PRPERF16 Perforating Rule - 16 tpi 20 feet
PRPERF35 Perforating Rule - 35 tpi 20 feet
PRPERF50 Perforating Rule - 50 tpi 20 feet